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Devin Jo Bk

Devin(Bokyoung) Jo is a Ph.D. candidate in Art Education at the University of Georgia. She focuses on her research interests, encompassing art appreciation for higher education, artful inquiry, international (graduate) student studies, and Asian feminism studies, especially art-based learning to integrate and expand various knowledge. You can find her current collaborative work(as a contributor) in the book (2023) Art as a Way of Listening: Centering Student and Community Voices in Language Learning and Cultural Revitalization (Edited by Wager, A. C., Berriz, B. R., Cranmer, L. A., and Poey, V. M.) You can contact her at and reach out to her social media account and webpage, @devinjo._/

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In progress _ coming soon!


In progress, coming soon!

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