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"On My Way Home" _ Cover Art for JoLLE 15(2) 2019 Fall

On My Way Home, paper, pen and pencil, sticky notes, 12x18inch, 2019

Cover Art for JoLLE(Journal of Language & Literacy Education)@UGA

I have been working on a drawing essay, "Handspan Diary," that deals with my adaptation and life as an international student ever since I came to UGA in July 2018. In particular, this artwork is a collage unfolding selected experiences I have written and collected related to "the difficulties I have gone through as a Korean international student concerning language and literacy(i. e., English)" "On my way home," that is, a given short and long time to reflect on all my experiences related to languages I had in the day. There were shameful and disappointing moments that I had to go through due to my insufficient and clumsy English, my limitation and lack, realization, my upset feelings(fragments of the drawing). But there have been thankful moments with the encouragement, comfort, pieces of advice from people(colored sticky notes). And there are lots of words in my English wordbook that I always had to carry around and study(mini word cards). Or there are beautiful English lyrics from all of my favorite music that I have heard repeatably(pencil handwriting). This artwork unfolds on a screen all the experience not only my struggles arising from English but also showing again that optimistic power to be encouraged by English.

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