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No. 8 (20181010) Air Quotes, The Cute Two-Finger Hooks


In the middle of class discussions, sometimes, I could find instructors or students who made this gesture.

While talking, they wiggled their two fingers like this as above. And I thought. It was my silent shouting.

What are all those cute gestures??!!!!!!!

I want to know!!! I also want to use those!!!!!

What is that????!!!!!

I asked a professor to ask about this gesture, and she immediately jumped into Wikipedia searching.

My question was also fresh and new to her.

Because even though that body language is frequently used and seems quite familiar in daily life, she also had never wondered about this expression and its origin. In the end, I finally learned it was called "Air Quotes."

What a cute name!

you can make a hook with two fingers to emphasize a specific phrase or special content.

1. Straighten your index and middle fingers

2. Bend those fingertips slightly

3. Repeat steps 1-2 a couple of times.

But that is not the end.

It is not over with just only 'emphasis'

In addition to those fingers, what should be noted is their facial expressions.

They don't just 'emphasize.'

It gives a strange impression by subtly distorting the facial expression.

It is because it contains "sarcasm."

The example the professor gave me at that time was as follows:

Let's say we wiggle our fingers and refer to a woman as a "Good wife."

However, you can't interpret this literally,

rather, it reveals that her life is confined to the old notions required within the traditional and patriarchal frame.

In a word, as aforementioned, it is 'sarcastic.'

Anyway, I learned good expression.

(I appreciate the professor for responding and searching for the answer together for my inquiry wholeheartedly!)


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