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No. 7 (20181007) _ “Mom, I’m So Charming Nowadays”


Suddenly received a Kakaotalk message from my mom at midnight due to the time difference.

My mom still got confused about what time it was in the US.

No matter what time it is in Korea or the US, she sends a message whenever she wants to say something to me.

As always, her cares and worries about me are in the messages.

As always, I say, "I'm fine," but she does not believe my words.

She thinks I'm pretending the strong.

(But not at all -)

"Sweetie, no matter what, please take good care of your health.

Please take a break from your busy schedule.

Don't be obsessed with perfectionism...."

"If a person is too perfect,

he looks like a robot without any touches of humanity, so no one is around him.

Having some lacks doesn't hurt you;

rather, it makes your life easy and comfortable."

That's it, Mum.

According to what you just said, now I'm at the peak of my charm.

I'm extremely attractive.

All humanity overflows from all over me like an aura.

I'm humanity itself! (lol)

I'm not perfect at all!

It seems my mom thinks I'm living my life in an organized way, like a square box.

In her eyes, I'm striving to be in the square box in the name of perfectionism.

But in fact, I'm full of holes.

That is how I live every day, rolling and falling over.

Filling up the holes with lots of support from many people,

sometimes breathing with the air and wind coming from the niches and holes...

in that way, I'm living my everyday life.

Already, I am rich with humanity!!! +_+

My drawing is already crooked and free!

Not perfect at all! It's full of imperfect.


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