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No. 5 (20180927) _ Change of View


​In the past, I hated people who looked at me with squinting eyes or such behavior.

I wondered about the intention and thoughts regarding that eyes.

I couldn't understand why people had to move their facial muscles like that to look at counterparts,

and I thought it was disrespectful.

​Even after coming to America, I felt uncomfortable with people's squinting eyes.

That expression means my English is still noncommunicable, far from smooth and natural conversation.

Even though I'm speaking in English wholeheartedly,

it represents a high possibility that my intention is not being delivered properly.


However, if you think this profoundly,

you'll realize their half-closed eyes are a very appreciatable gesture and hard effort.

As I sometimes struggle with understanding other's English speaking,

actually, my broken English is also something unfavorable for them to understand.

Nevertheless, in order to listen to me carefully,

they are trying to pour all of their concentration into my words by mobilizing all their facial muscles.

How can I not thank their effort, the eyes?


Coming here, I made a lot of people squint.

I made them several wrinkles around the eyes and on the middle of their forehead.

I should be able to present eye cream to them as a gift.


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