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No. 6 (20181006) _ Finally! Bye-bye Kitchen Table


Even if not in the US, if you leave your mother country and the safety/familiar zone,

there is no way to deny that you can encounter/confront various inconveniences in your daily life.

Amid the countless possibilities, one of the practical parts that made me struggle the most was "furniture assemblage."

I've never assembled a piece of furniture in Korea.

I wonder why, but there was no need to do it.

Whenever I needed something like a closet, a chair, a desk, and so on,

all the items were delivered in an 'already assembled' state.

If it was in a case that the item should be able to be installed on-site,

a staff came to my place and quickly made all of them.

However, America differs from Korea.

(I precautiously think it is due to labor costs) We should drive to the store in person,

purchase the items we need, bring them home, and make them complete units ourselves.

Or, you can order specific items via Amazon and also assemble the parts into complete units.

Anyway, I cannot escape from the quagmire of self-assembling.

The first time, I ordered a heavy wood desk that included bookshelves.

Haha- I was crazy.

I had never imagined how it was tremendous and demanding work.

All the particles floated on the ground in my apartment like debris shattered by natural disasters.

It was definitely the structure I could not make up.

As one of my acquaintances advised,

I asked my friend living in neighbor for help and treated a dinner though,

she also gave up after 3hours-struggling with the desk particles.

All the particles were very thick; however, why was the adhesive strength of the glue included together so poor and helpless?

Why the bolts and nuts didn't agree with us?

If there was a new thing I learned at the end of an almost 3 months journey of desk assembling,

it would be how to use an electric screwdriver.

What a shame!

In the end, I newly ordered an easy-assembly L-shaped steel desk.

(It was not a waste of money! I.... I just.;;; paid for a sort of "experiential cost.")

I decided to utilize a half-assembled prior desk as a bookshelf

and to find my new life with the new desk.

The midterm season had already passed,

in the meantime, I studied at the kitchen table,

and sometimes I glimpsed the gas range along with the kitchen table.

However, from now on, I can normally study with the desk lamp instead of the gas range.


Due to the hectic schedule,

I felt insecure that I might not be able to get my proper desk until Thanksgiving week.

Happy so much!

With gratitude, I'm gonna have fun studying.


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